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2020 VCE Results Breakdown

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

VCE Results for 2020 had been published recently. Let's breakdown the figures.


Year-by-year trend for each school

Pick school from drop-down menu below.

Note: Rank is calculated as: (1) % of 40+ score, (2) Median VCE, and finally (3) % applied tertiary place

High Achiever (40+ score) by school and subject

Choose desired subject and optionally filter by sector and/or school name and sort by either # of student or average high score.

Top School Lists

Overall - Top 50 (including government selective)

  • 39 out of 50 top ranked schools are from the independent sector

  • 20 out of 50 top ranked schools are girls-only, while 5 of them are boys-only.

  • 5 Catholic schools and 6 government schools (5 of them are selective) round up the Top 50

  • The only non-selective government school that make it to Top 50 is Balwyn High, with 17.5% scoring 40 or above and a median score of 33.

Government Schools - Top 30 (excluding selective)

Independent Schools - Top 30

Catholic Schools - Top 30

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